About This Blog

This Blog is about my (almost) everyday life in Australia.

I made this blog since 2007, and was had no willing to update it periodically. Then, after I have relationship with my Australian partner and was planned to move to Australia, I made this blog active again.

The main purpose for this blog is to share my experience, started from the journey moving from Indonesia to Australia, and also the travel journey around Australia, and Indonesia, and perhaps more than those two countries.

Since I made this blog, I want this blog to be my sharing diary from me to everyone who read it. That is why, this blog is not just only about my VISA journey, or my TRAVELLING journey. I also add more stories about my slice of life.

That is why sometimes you can find the post from my reflection, study, work, as well as post from my favorite things (movie, food, music, or even DIY). 

I will trying hard to post a new story once every month, at least. Or if I have enough time (I always have time, but mostly it's not enough to sit down and type) I can make more than one post per month. I know before I can make one post per week, or more, but recently I have so much to do in life.

I love blogging, and I think making a blog post is one of my healing process, or even just a part of me reflecting my life. That is why I try so hard to post my life story every month. 

Again, since the concept of this blog is the life diary that I share with the reader, it contents are mostly about my life. Please find any stories you like through the menus tab. 

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy my life story.
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