About This Blog

This Blog is about my (almost) everyday life in Australia.

I made this blog since 2007, and was had no willing to update it periodically. Then, after I have relationship with my Australian partner and was planned to move to Australia, I made this blog active again.

The main purpose is to share my experience, especially the journey moving from Indonesia to Australia, and all the new experiences I have in Australia. Plus places that I've been in Australia or Indonesia. Perhaps there will be more, perhaps. All you can find at TRAVEL and LIFE pages.

I also share my Permanent Resident journey at AUSSIE VISA page. Please be caution that maybe the way I did it not applicable with today's rules. I strongly recommend you to look at the Australian immigration website. 

I also put something like my culinary hobbies and my new hobbies: cooking and baking, at CULINARY page.

I made some review too about cosmetics and skin care. Sometimes post some beauty products that I love to wear or bring, or some of it also beauty tips, all are at COSMETICS & FASHION page. Please be patient for fashion post, because I still can't find the best thing to post, LOL.

Since I made a new family in Australia, some post also dedicate for them. Especially how we try to understand each other culture. All of the posts are at FAMILY page.

Hey, don't you know that I also do some craft? Go find it at my DIY page.

In my ENTERTAIMENT page, you could find my review about movies, cartoon, and also my favourite band/ singer. Or perhaps other things, as long as it's for entertain things.

So I hope you enjoy this blog so much.

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