My Pet, Mumun

By Miss Across the Sea - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Meet my furry and cute sometimes asshole companion....

Ceu Siti Maemunah a.k.a Mumun.

She's a domestic cat, no special race inside her, I adopt her from the trash bin, yes trash bin, when she was sooooooo little. maybe 3 months old.

Maybe you wondering why I put a long name for her. Well, at first I just want to give her really Indonesian name, and I discussed with my friend, and we ended up with that name. There's nothing special with the name, just it sound so Indonesia, so I choose it.

She have almost all white fur, just some with yellow color. Like in her tail, her back, and part of her head & ear. Just like any other kitten, she was sooooooooooooo freaking cute. With her big eyes and round face, some people thought she is a tabby cat. Oh I wish she is... hahahaha...
But I can say, she's just a domestic cat.

She is my first pet. Since I was a little girl, my mother forbid me to have any kind of furry pet. Her reason is because I have asthma (but I guess she have a different reason). As a first time pet owner, I don't know what to do with Mumun, so I just have some rules to her (and to me). It's simple she is forbid to go outside the house, she will be inside the house all the time. And, she will never eat human food, she will only given a cat food. Well this is a bit hard, since I live an hour away from the city and my working schedule that really not flexible, so sometimes when I have no cat food for her, I gave her scramble egg. Scramble egg is good for your cat, I've read some article about it, can't share it because don't know where I found it. Since I almost lack of cat food for her, so sometimes I bought two packs for her.
Mumun's fluffy paw... (>.<)

Just like any other cat, her favorite things are playing, sleep, and bugging me all the time. Like any other cat owner, I can't watch telly very relax. Sometimes she stare sooo long in front of the telly, sometimes sleep at the telly's table, or even sleep at my DVD's player.
watching Gru
Favorite Hammock
Sleeping under table

Her favorite places are under telly's table, and her plastic hammock. But, since her lovely plastic hammock is ripped away, so she just love to sleep under my telly's table. But she really like to stay by my side, or you can say, she like to take my blanket to sleep.
People say cat love to sleep, cat need 18 hours to sleep... try to have mumun then. You will never find her sleep for 18 hours, well... at least in the night. Because she like to bugging me all night long with her sound, or, when I put her outside my bedroom, scratching my door and miaw-ing, asking to let her inside the bedroom. And, if you think when I allowed her in, she will sleep peacefully, think again. She will bugging me around, lick my toes, my hand, and my nostril. Or even bite my finger... yes her hobby is biting my finger.

I love her pose when she is sleeping. Weird pose, but funny. Here some of sleeping post:
She don't like water, just like any other cats. But she would never want to leave the bathroom when I am inside the bathroom. Even I put her outside the bathroom, she will just sit in front of the bathroom, waiting for me to get out from the bathroom. Sit still, doing nothing, just starring at the bathroom door, with her big eyes. No sound, just sit there. Hahahaha... Feels like I have my own bodyguard.

waiting in front of bathroom's door

She have a lovely face, but sometimes it's hard to teach her to pose at the camera *sigh
but then again, I love her, and all her mischief behavior...

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  1. Awesome post, i enjoyed it a lot. I can't wait to meet Mumun :)

    1. You will... hehehe... and hope she's more calm


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