Missha ~ Painting Rouge Chiffon Lipstick Testimonial

By Miss Across the Sea - Saturday, March 12, 2016

Good Day All,

Today I want to share one of the lipstick I use.
It is Korean brand called Missha, and the product call Painting Rogue Chiffon Lipstick.
I bought it from Indonesian online shop that just only sells Korean makeup Koreabuys.com. You can find lots of Korean makeup brands there. Including this Missha.

Koreabuys.com have 1 day delivery program for some of its products, including this lipstick. Means I have to wait only a few days to have my product. 1 Day delivery program means it just took 1 day to deliver your product from Korea to Indonesia. But until it's arrived at your home, it tooks normal delivery time. Usually 2-5 days, including where you stay. So I just need 4 days to wait my product in my hand.
It have lots of color variant. And you can use it for full or gradation lips.
The color that I choose for this lipstick have code CRD01, it really red. From the picture above you can see my choice is number 3 from upper. I don't know, but lately I like to use red lipstick, rather than pink or nude color that I use to used before.

Because I order this Missha lipstick together with normal delivery product, and when I ordered it, it exactly near the Christmas holiday, so I have to wait 1 month until my product arrived. And... This is the lipstick:

I was thinking the color will be darker than this, just like in the picture
How is the texture, really soft and if I describe it, it's not too matte or too liquid. But it's just looks like the chiffon, soft but not too liquid. But it's definitely not as red as the picture. The red color is more light than the picture. But oh well... I bought it already, why don't we try it.
Omg, less lighting, but I hope you can see the color clearly
Because I want to make an ombre lipstick, just like any Korean artist did, so I just put a huge amount inside my lip. Tips, if you want to make an ombre lip, it's better to put a concealer, BB cream, or even lip concealer at the outer edge at your lip, then tap it until it perfectly blend. After your base is perfectly blend, put the lipstick at the inside edge of your lip, don't put the lipstick to all of your lip. After you put the lipstick, tap it with your finger to the entire of your lip, so the color will be more softer. After all perfectly blended at your lip, just put another lipstick at inside edge of your lip again, to make an ombre effect.
hehehe... I did it at my office desk :p

There is the result, an ombre lipstick I made from this Missha lipstick.

Sorry for the strange face
For me, this is one of my favorite lipstick. Even the result is not matte. But I guess it isn't matte lipstick, but it looks good in my lip. Very light also, so I don't have to feel the lipstick is too much at my lip. Since the color is not really red, and it's bright color, I guess this color also fit in every occasion. For work and hanging out with friend, you can make an ombre lipstick, for dating or going to formal occasion, just put a whole lipstick at your lip. And it so small, you can put it in your small purse, or in your makeup kit, or just put inside your working bag.

Oh for the price, I bought it for only Rp84.800 minus the shipping fee. And I think, for Korean Makeup product, it's quite cheap. So, if you like it, just go to Koreabuys.com and buy it :) Don't worry, this site is trusted, I have bought lots of makeups from this site.

Thanks for reading, this is me with doughnut hehehe

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