My Relations with Coffee...

By Miss Across the Sea - Thursday, March 03, 2016

Good day to you who accidentally found my blog and read it...
and those who have been (still) following my blog, after ages I didn't write any post.

Happy March!!!!!!
My birthday months... (geez, i'm getting old)

As a coffee addict,
Every morning I must have my coffee
At office I should have my coffee jar
Hanging out with my friend, I chose place with great coffee...

Starbucks is heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Start Rioting when coffee is banned!!!

My Brain companion... The lovely coffee.

I Love both of them, I can't choose, I need both of them, I want both of them, they are everything in my life!!!!

Always, together... forever!!!!

And this is my cup of coffee at office this morning... *chuu

I have drink more than a half of this jar since I came to office... oh yes, this is cappuccino.. mamamia ;)

See you at another post :)

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  1. Funny post. Definitely need coffee, especially first thing in the morning. Nice light-hearted post lol


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