Paintinggasm at Ubud.... Holiday in Bali part. 1

By Miss Across the Sea - Saturday, March 19, 2016

Good day all,

Today I want to show you my art side by telling you that I've visited two painting museum at my holiday in Bali. As you know (if you read and follow every of my post) that my holiday in Bali with my "man across the sea" was at Ubud.
I'm fall in love with Ubud atmosphere. Maybe by the time we came, the weather is not as hot as I imagine, and also a lot  of rain there.

In our first day at Ubud, we decided to walk along the path, right to the Blanco Museum. That's right, we walked from Ubud Center to Blanco Museum, which is it's sooooooooooo far. Blanco Museum is the museum I've found when we on our way to our hotel. The place is a bit far from the Ubud center, you have to walk more less a half hour from it. Don't worry, the scenery at the journey is enjoyable. You can find many of shops and restaurants in your right or left, children playing, hanging out, or even go back home from school,  lots of tourists like us, walking around the path ways, and many more.

If you get really thirsty, don't be worried, lots of small shops selling their cold drink. And the seller, they're will be so happy to offer you their things to buy, from the handicraft until the canned drink, you choose it.

What I like from walking to the Blanco museum is, the path way near the museum is really traditional and lots of roots from Bayan trees makes you not feel over heat.

Blanco museum is placed at the high place, so if you want to go inside, you have to walk up to the museum. Before we enter the museum, we will be welcomed with front office and security that will show you the way to the museum. Oh no, you didn't have to pay your ticket at this post yet. Because after you passed the post, you will be welcomed by a big yard, which in the left side is the traditional and spacy restaurant called the Rondji Restaurant. Right inside the museum complex.

what we ordered from Rondji Restaurant, Satay Lilit

After we getting fresh again, we finally entered the museum. Right in front of the door to come, you will find the lovely lady to give you a ticket, and you just have to pay Rp80.000 each, and you can enjoy what inside the museum. too bad, just like any other painting museum, NO CAMERA ALLOWED! So as a good citizen, we didn't use camera.

Just because I don't know who is Blanco before, I just shock and have a little giggle when I saw a lots of naked girl paintings. Then we find out that Blanco is really like to paint woman. I latter heard that he love to paint naked woman. But overall, this museum is worth to visit. For you who lacked of information who is Antonio Blanco, maybe you can reverse to this page: Antonio Blanco.

The interesting things in here is you are not just enjoying the painting. The architecture of this museum, and also his birds collection is awesome. At the top of the museum (which you can enter it) you will find the statue of Balinese Dancer with gold painting at the top of its roof, very pretty. And you can see Ubud  from here, ha ha ha... The view from the roof is pretty amazing, and of course beautiful.
Balinese Dancer Statue at the Roof of the Museum
The view of Blanco Family's House from the Roof
Rice Field View from the Roof of Blanco Museum
Yes, there are lots of birds, you even can have a picture with some of those birds. Don't worry, the employee there will gladly to help you take a picture with the birds. In my count, when we visit this museum, they have at least four birds that you can take a picture with. The place is right in front of the main gate, when you enter the museum. The birds are available for you to take lots of pose until you bored, ha ha ha...
One of Blanco Museum's Collections

cute birdy... lol
Is it only birds, paints, and the roof only?
Nope, the yard is also beautiful. The fountain in the middle of the big yard is really beautiful for enjoying your eyes. And, there is also a photo boots with big frame for you to take a picture. I enjoying my time sooo much at Blanco Museum, even the way into that museum is really far and exhausting.
The fountain right in front of the Blanco Museum Door
Photo Booth at Blanco Museum

After Blanco Museum, our next trip is MUSEUM PURI LUKISAN.
Another painting museum. But this museum give you lots of style of painting from lot of Balinese painters. Not just painting, this museum also give you the statue art.

It square shape, and it divided into four main building, the north, south, east, and west building. And again, NO CAMERA ALLOWED here, and plus you CAN'T TOUCH THE PAINTINGS AND STATUES here. Our first building is the South Building. This South Building is consist of an old painting and the color is more monotone colors. And the painters, even it said a contemporary artists, but in this building you can't find a new painting, it just only before 1990is painting.

Move to the West Building, the painting in this building is more contemporary. Lot's of bright colors, and more modern. You can also buy the paints here, they put the price of most of each painting. Too bad, the theme of most of the painting is nearly the same. I can count there is more than five paints that have Saraswati Goddess as their theme. In this building the modern atmosphere is really in there. As I can see from all the paints in this building, lots of them use a difficult technique to paint it. Most of them are painted in very small size frame.

Not just only enjoying the painting in each building, we also enjoying the scenery in this museum. This museum is really quite, considering it place that in the main street of Ubud. And the lotus pond, with the romantic bridge there, makes you want to stay a little bit longer after enjoying the painting. My boyfriend found a statue that trapped inside the big tree's root, so beautiful. And in front of the North Building, you can find a beautiful pond that faced the lotus pond. Really beautiful and quite.
The Pond in front of East Building
statue that trapped at root

The painting in the North Building is bigger than the West one, But it still with the same colorful painting, and some of it looks really old. No, the painting inside this building is not for sale, all of it.

The last building, which they said as East Building, is the building with lots of ancient painting. Why ancient? Because all of the paintings, even it's big, it's really old. You can find some of the paint in the painting is faded, or the canvas or fabrics is rotten. Of course all the paintings in this building is really really big. It even state that one of the painting is came from the year before 1900... #gokil

After we enjoy all the paintings at this museum, I feel I have a paintinggasm. Lots of "wow" and "amazing" comes from my mouth and my eye. Ha ha ha...

And, the amazing things in this museum is, you will have free traditional snacks once you finish walking around the museum. How? When you enter the museum, the lady at the ticket booth will give you a ticket and says show the ticket at the canteen near the East Building, so you will be served with afternoon tea and snack. But we choose cola instead of tea.

The Snack from Museum Puri Lukisan

these are the places that I've visited in my first day holidaying in Ubud. There will be a lots of story latter. Hope you enjoy my way of holiday in Ubud :)

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