Home Made Batagor/ Siomay Peanut Sauce... Mmmhh Yummy :9

By Miss Across the Sea - Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Good day all,

Today, I want to tell you that I've succeed make a peanut sauce from one of my favorite Indonesian food....


Batagor is the shortened from BAkso TAhu GOReng, or in English language mean fried meatball and tofu. But, it's not only fried tofu and meatball. Sometimes you can add boiled/ steamed egg, cabbage and dumplings which in here it call siomay. The dumpling it self can be steamed or just fry it. And of course a steamed potato. Sometimes you can add bitter gourd, but since it bitter, I skip that one.

And so, I put tofu, egg, cabbage and potato into the steamer. Since there is no steamer at my kitchen, I just use a pan and steam it like this:

I just steam all, the tofu, egg, cabbage and potato without boiled it first. The taste? Well it crunchier, especially the cabbage.

What I really like from this food is the peanut sauce. It different from satay peanut sauce. So, I search at the internet how to make batagor's peanut sauce. And FOUND IT!!!

This is the ingredients for the peanut sauce
The ingredients are so easy to find, well, at least in Indonesia. You will need:
  1. Peanuts; but you have to fry it first until it color change to be really chocolate
  2. Garlic; if you just need a bit of sauce, just use 2 garlics, but maybe you need more
  3. Chili; depend on how spicy you want it, for save just use not more than 5 chilies.
  4. Palm sugar; just a bit of it, you don't want your sauce to be too sweet right.
  5. Water; yes water, to make it smooth quickly
  6. Lime leaf; you will need it (really!!!)
  7. Lime juice
All you have to do just crush it all until soft. Since I don't have a blender (it can be an alternative too, if you too tired doing a traditional crush), so I use a pestle & mortar. Pour the water after all a little bit soft, but not put the lie leaf and lime juice yet. You will doing it latter.


There, I add three garlics when I try to crush it...
Oh it tooks lots of power to crush it. I'm sweaty a lot, and my arms are reaaaaaly tired.... But then, it's worth it...

Aaaannnddd... there is the result of the peanut sauce.

After all looks like that, you put it into the pan, and boil it until boiling. But remember to boild it with a small fire. In this stage, you can add the lime juice and lime leaf. Just cut the lime leaf into a tiny pieces. But don't forget to get rid away the center of the leaf. Put it into the boiling sauce together with the lime juice. What kind of lime?

This is the lime I use. just squeeze the water into the boiling sauce

But since I forget to buy a lime leaf, so I skip the lime leaf when I boil the sauce. So, well... nobody is perfect right. Hahaha...

So here the food that finished being steam. I add more fried batagor, and the dumpling I add at the steamer when I realize I forget to put it (again, nobody perfect :p ).Now it ready to add the sauce..

p.s. ignore the almost burn batagor... hehehe :D
Here we go... the Batagor and the peanut sauce home made. Turns it yummy, even a bit sweet because I forget to put the lime leaf. But it's YUMMY

If you want to try it, just try it...
Don't be worry about the batagor and the dumpling. You can find a frozen batagor and dumpling at supermarket (at least in Indonesia you can find the frozen batagor). If there is no frozen batagor, no worries, just the dumpling is also fine. Hehehe...

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  1. Another excellent post. Easy to understand and easy to follow. Something new to try. Keep them coming miss across the sea :)


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