Rainbow Ball Cookies

By Miss Across the Sea - Thursday, March 10, 2016

Good day,
Back again to my kitchen.

Today, I will share you the cookies recipe...
This recipe is really simple and easy to make.
No need an oven, or even a blender. Then again, it's so helpful for me who doesn't own any blender or even mixer or oven.

Let's call it a rainbow ball cookies...
Found this recipe at facebook, where lots of people sharing it. So, why don't we try it... :)

the ingredients are soooo easy:

  • Biscuits
  • Chocolate milk condensate
  • MILO; DON'T pour water, we need it as a powder
  • rainbow sprinkle
Not much ingredients, and easy to find right.

First step, smash all the biscuits into a powder, or you can make it into a small crumbs.

Put the biskuits, as much as you want
Then crush it, make it into a small crumbs like this
After you finish make it into the small crumbs, just add the chocolate condensate milk into the crumbs, and mix it until the crumbs and the milk are mix together

Pour it all!!!!!!!!!! and stir, until you find the crumbs become one with the milk just like in the right picture
Easy right? Sure...
It's easier if you mix it with your hand, don't forget to wash your hand first, or just using the clean plastic gloves. After that, just make it into a small ball...
Like this...
For me, I like to roll into a small ball with my hand. Of course my hands are clean and I covered it too with the plastic gloves.

After the ball ready, you just have to roll it into the MILO, that is why I said no need pour the water into the MILO, because we need it for rolling the cookies. For additional colors, I just add the rainbow sprinkles for the cookies also. For adding the rainbow sprinkle at the balls, I dip the ball first into the chocolate condensate milk, then roll it into the rainbow sprinkle...

This is the ingredients for the sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles and MILO. The scissor? It's for cutting the MILO Sachet

Here you are... My first attempt to make this...
After all is ready, you just have to put it into the refrigerator, and wait it until tomorrow, and eat it.
Sweet and (oh well) healthy... :)

If you need a bigger ball, just add more biscuits and make it bigger.
It's just my first attempt, of course always be miss here and there, especially the size of the ball... Next time I will make it bigger and round...

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