How to Make Tempe/ Tempeh Mendoan (I did it my way) ~Recipe~

By Miss Across the Sea - Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Good day every one,

Today I want to show you how to cook tempe mendoan in my way.

I know there are thousands of recipe to make tempe mendoan.

For them who don't know what is tempe, tempe is Indonesia traditional food, made from fermented soybean, and anything you want to know about tempe/ tempeh, you can clik on this link:

And there you can find, what is Tempe Mendoan.

Tempe Mendoan is my favorite variety of tempeh. And for some Indonesian, they used to eat it with warm rice and sambal. But for me, I don't use rice, hehehe...

And, since I don't follow most of the recipe, I give you the simplest recipe to make this tempe mendoan.

- tempe/ tempeh (of course)
- all purposes flour (I used oriental taste, because much of garlic taste)
- water (to make the batter)
- leek or spring onion (you choose)
- pepper (optional)
- cooking oil (to fried it) 
- chilli (cut it very thin)
- sweet soy sauce
- red onion (cut it very thin)
This is all purposes flour like I mention at the recipe

Simple isn't it? And cook this tempe mendoan is so easy. Just cut the leek or spring onion into a small pieces, and mix it with the flour, if you want it, you can add pepper, then add water, cold water is better.

Cut the tempeh veeeeery thin, while you do that, you can heated the oil at the frying pan. How much, enough for fries the tempeh. After you cut it, just mix it with the batter. And after the oil is hot enough (please don't make the oil too hot). If you see the oil getting smoke, just make the fire at your stove smaller. Then fried the battered tempeh.

Remember, to cook it not until really crispy. Just make sure the flour is cooked enough, then put aside the fried tempeh.

While you waiting for the oil in the tempeh is out, you can make the sambal. It's very simple, you don't need to crush the chili. Just cut it as thin as you can, and also cut the red onion as thin as you can, mix it with the sweet soy sauce. And...

This is my tempeh mendoan.
Easy and no need lot's of ingredients.
Eat it while it's hot, but not too hot.
And you can enjoy it as afternoon snack together with coffee or tea.

As alternative, sometimes I also use the tempeh gembus/ gembos. Since tempe is my favorite food, so this is one alternative to eat tempe, when you bored to eat the fried tempe.

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