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By Miss Across the Sea - Sunday, May 20, 2018

So, a couple month ago, I am so curious about one thing that always popping up at my facebook's advertising. It name Bella Box. Bella Box is the Australian company that run by girls who love make up and help us to get so much make up in one box, and with spending not much money.

All I must do just signing up at their website, and then tell them what is your beauty stories. Such as your skin colour, your hair, your favourite lipstick products, etc. And you just need to pay AU$ 15 (and AU$2.19 for shipping fee) every month to get five tp seven products in one box. Pssst, they also add another bonus product too.

Each box include skin care to make up and colour products, hair and body care too. And it not limited for local products only, you could also find the international and well known products too.

And I decided to sign in for my first time box at May 2018. And for first timer trying a beauty box like me, waiting and getting this box is super exited. I know that it will dispatched at the middle of the month, but still, I signed in at the earlier date of month, and really impatient for the middle of the month. 

Checking up my email and also the Bella Box everyday are the main thing I did. I know it sound ridiculous, but, hey, I am supper exited.

What is more exiting than receiving email from the Australian Post that saying the box is sent, and will arrive at the next day. And right in the morning, the box is here. SUPPPPPER EXITED!!!


When you are subscribed before the time, you usually don't know what kind of products you will receive. But, they always giving you hint for it. They usually did the hint at their website, facebook page, or instagram

Don't worry, they trying the best to customize the box to suit us the best. As long as we fill the beauty profile that they provide us at their website, when you signing up for the first time.  

For this May 2018 Box, I get this five products plus one bonus sample in one box. Surprisingly, they sent two full size products, and a fair size of others. To be honest, this is not disappointing at all, instead, it is great!!!

So, what you get?

  • ModelCo Baked Highlighter in Moonshine

The first product, and it featured at it sneak peak is ModelCo Baked Highlighter in Moonshine. This product will creates the warm glow to brighten and highlight every complection. A highlighter fan? Don't you think this product is the right one for you? I think so. 

To be honest, I really longing for highlighter, and this is the first I have. And its warm tone actually have the same tone like my skin. But, of course, since it name HIGHLIGHTER, I can see it highlight my skin. BLING!!!

You, an Australian, could have it at the ModelCo website for AU$25.00. And since it is so tiny (only 3.5g) you could bring it inside your purse, clutch, bag, and add more shine at your face.

  • White Glo Activated Charcoal Deep Stain Remover Whitening Toothpaste Sample
Nowadays it's the charcoal era for the toothpaste. And Bella Box giving me chance to try it too. This sample of fair amount of White Glo toothpaste will help my smile of course. This product is also save to use everyday.

If you use it regularly, it will help reduce plaque, fight tooth decay, and deliver improved total oral health. It is highly absorbent so it penetrates and draws out suborn stains and also whitens teeth enamel. 

The normal size 150ml can be use for the entire family, and available at the Chemist Warehouse, Priceline Pharmacy, Woolworths and Coles for only AU$5.99.

  • Uniq One Hair Treatment Sample
This hair treatment sample is from Revlon, and it have 10 benefits that help your hair more flexible and manageable. This hair treatment help to control your hair from frizz, color fade, damage locks, and also help to maintain the hairstyle.

I think this product is making our hair routine simpler. Because all in one, and keeping your hair in point. 

  • Enbacci Skin Care
This Australian luxury skincare brand also one of the full size product that I receive from this box. And Bella Box will give you either detoxifying Clay Mask (like me), or exfoliating scrub, or brightening hand & nail cream, or moisturising hand and nail cream.

Since I got the detoxifiying clay mask, it said it help unclogs pore from oil, dirt, and toxing, hydrate the skin, and rejuvenate the skin. And I do believe that people in Bella Box really choose the product based on my skin profile. Because this product is exactly what I want. 

Australian babe, you could find this product at Enbacci website, for AU$44. And other products from Enbacci. 

  • Universal Beauty Cosmetic Tint Stick In Nude Pink
What can I say, it's lipstick!!! LOL. Since I really love lipstick, of course that I am soooo happy that Bella Box put this product too at their box. From Universal Beauty Cosmetics, this lip tint delivers an intense pop of colour to the lip. 

And the nude pink colour is just right for my skin. I love how it so pigmented and last longer in my lips. It said at least 10 hours, but well, I am not wearing it until 10 hours yet. 

And again, this lip tint is cruelty free and vegetarian friendly too. 

Pay for US$18 each at their website, and you can have this gorgeous lip tint. 

At the end, first box from this Bella Box is amazing. And for only AU$17.5 I have this much. 

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